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Aug 20, 2013 5:35am EDT
teach it is the word of god does it okay lin from louisiana everyone is born innocent into the flesh in the second ear age it if you were bad in the first earth age does god put you into a body for example born with parents who abandon you born poor are having to work for the rest of her life the bible says you reap@what you sow i hated to use all of jacob i love before they were born that's what god said yes question does god giving this soul what he do search because the win against god and the first earth age absolutely the assault data had no respect whatsoever for his heritage can care about goff ven in the first earth age in and i'm not going to judge him in this earth age because he didn't want to things to come around pretty od in any part of his family then that oves the lo will be site okay if you were gd in the first earth age does god reward you with both parents to depend un born wealthy and does not have to work for a living because his father was rich questi is gorewarding this soul for what hdid ride in the first earth age i would hate to be born rich parents and neve
Aug 13, 2013 7:00am EDT
crocodile for cheaper than $38,000. go to louisiana, get you a damn chicken, and hang it on a tree by the lake, and put a hook in there, and the crocodile's going to come and chomp on it. get the crocodile and go get you a cheap purse. take the crocodile skin and cut it out and stitch it up, and put thompson's water seal on it. >> she say, oh, i can't fire her because, quote, she's a great pern. >> you hear that all the time. why did you go in there knowing you didn't want to buy a bag? >> i want to see if i could go to the knockoff place and get one just like it. i know what i'm doing. >>> time to "caption this" brought to you by novation, the your money when you need it people. >>> "dish nation," we need laughs from you. >> let's look at today's photo of prince charles. >> prince charles, excited about his first trip to build-a-bear. >> pince charles on the next "to catch a predator." >> we'll pick our favorite and read it on friday's show. >>> next -- >> jenner taking on obama, but kim and kanye didn't even take time for her son's birthday party. >>> we've got the pictures to pr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2